Wuxi Jinchengxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the scenic coast of Taihu Lake and side of Yangtze River Golden triangle; situated at Gaocheng town in Yixing city, our company is a specialized research, development and production enterprise of environmental protection equipment.

Our company now is a manufacturer of mechanical filter, Softened water, Reclaimed water Reuse, Packing series of products; under the support of water treatment technology and unique packing production base, we have good ability to offer you one-stop production service. Our main products are microporous tube Aerator, rotary decanter, drum type grille, flexible packing, semi-flexible packing, Combined packing series, three-dimensional elastic Packing, hexagonal honeycomb oblique tube Packing, porous suspension ball, various Aerators, hollow ball, covering ball, cascade ring, pall ring, drain cap, water collector bracket, Teller Rosette Rings, fiber ball filter media, mechanical grating rake teeth and so on.

Our tenet: to protect the environment, save energy and improve business and social and economic benefits for the life on Earth. We offer diversified services, including with engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering contracting, technical advice, technical guidance, sample testing, information feedback, information exchange, agent of purchase or sales. Our staffs wholeheartedly hope that we can establish wide range, multi-type and multi-level cooperation with the colleagues and customers or individuals who are interesting in environmental protection and water treatment business to create a beautiful environment for mankind and get mutual development together!