Biocarrier suspended ball packing


product description:

1.It is made of plastic with two semi-circular fish mesh spherical. Place the center of plastic woven wire or small sponge. In the biochemical treatment of sewage with a three-dimensional structure, Specific surface area large, direct delivery, no fixed, easy to hang film, no clogging. Full plastic structural unit packing with A / O, A2 / O hydrolysis - aerobic function, very little residual sludge, long service life

Porous rotating spherical suspension packing

Porous rotary spherical suspension filler is the latest series of products developed for the domestic treatment of sewage and biofilm


The filler is made of dilute vinyl material, divided into the outer and outer billet outside the ball for the fish mesh, the internal rotation of the sphere, in the course of the use of microbial film fast, biofilm easy to fall off, anti-acid, anti-aging , From the impact of water, long life products resistant to biodegradation, very little residual sludge, easy to install.

3.Scope of application:

Widely used with domestic sewage, petrochemical, chemical paper, food industry, wine, sugar, textile, printing and dyeing pharmaceutical waste water and other industrial wastewater treatment

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