Our advantage
Always to meet market demand, to achieve customer satisfaction as the core purpose, will build first-class team, to create first-class performance as the eternal pursuit of the enterprise.
Technical advantages
The company is the production of sewage treatment equipment series, wastewater treatment series, packing series and other products, with water treatment technology and a unique filler production base. Production and other one-stop service as one.
Product advantages
The main products are stacked Loan sludge dewatering machine, integrated water purifier, microporous tube aerator, rotary decanter, drum grille, soft filler, semi-soft filler, combined packing series, three-dimensional Elastic filler, hexagonal honeycomb inflow pipe packing, porous suspension ball, all kinds of ...
service advantage
Service flexibility, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering contracting, technical advice, technical guidance, sample testing, information feedback, information exchange, purchasing consignment, etc.